About Us



Established back in June 2012, TRP Sports is a sports management venture that looks into developing and maintaining partnerships across the scope of Indian Sports.


Primarily conceived as a corporate sports event management firm till 2016, TRP Sports has since fluttered its wings into the professional sports circuit in India too. Currently the firm has taken up a major role in the Player representation and Sports marketing streams in the football leagues: ISL and I-league, the badminton league: PBL and the Kabaddi league: PKL. With a roster of more than 25 young Indian footballers and some top European names, TRP Sports looks to not just target the cream of the players but also give visibility to the talents hidden in the lower divisions.

The firm's marketing stints have seen them develop partnerships between a few huge European brands and Indian clubs, and have also successfully connected Indian footballers to a few big names as brand ambassadors.TRP Sports is now the official marketing partners for 8 football clubs in India, and is working closely with many others. With a strong presence in Bangalore and Chennai, the firm has managed to create strong partnerships between brands based here and Sports franchisees.

A new product coming up at TRP Sports is one in Digital Sponsorships. The product is still under the wraps, but the general idea is to disrupt the current trend of brand awareness being the only benfit that sponsorships in sports brings. We are coming with a concept that combines brand engagement along with a sponsor-rewards system, which would basically quantify the results of a sponsorship program made by a brand.